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I’ve wanted to do a podcast from the very first time I heard one. I love people, I’m a researcher, and I’ve led leadership development organizations around the globe. The best leaders don’t ‘have it all together,’ but they are growing daily. And over time it becomes beautiful! Some day Your Daily Dose of Growth podcast will bring help and hope to millions. My job is to listen to my audience and keep getting better… Every. Single. Day.

Aug 31, 2018

This week, there's some intense value in the podcast episodes! We talk about how to be productive but in specific challenging situations that we all experience once in a while. We also talk about the right way to say NO to your boss when he's piling too much work for you to handle. There's also a free assessment to...

Aug 30, 2018

Episode ​#124: Google the words “Planning Fallacy.” You're going to learn that how long we think that it takes to do something, and how long it actually takes, are often very different. Why? And what can we do about it? You can start by listening to today’s episode.

Aug 29, 2018

Episode ​#123: All of us get in a funk once in awhile. A bad mood kills our productivity and makes others avoid us. Here are 4 Life Hacks for a bad mood.

Aug 28, 2018

Episode ​#122: Today, we discuss a special research by Carson Tate on the four basic productivity styles. When you find out which style fits you best, you will also learn what you should do to be even more productive! I provide the FREE assessment in the show notes!

Aug 27, 2018

Episode ​#121: Sometimes, we all feel like we want to say NO, but we find it hard to. What if a colleague asks you to do something that he or she should have been doing? What if your boss piles up too much work than you can handle? Or what if you just have trouble standing up for yourself and saying NO? Today, we...